How to Use PPE to Keep Dental Healthcare Personnel Safe

Dental offices are beginning to reopen for more than emergency services.  In order to minimize the risk of transmitting COVID-19, states and healthcare officials are providing guidance to protect all patients, staff, and dental healthcare personnel (DHCP).

As you can imagine, personal protective equipment (PPE) is a key piece of these safety measures.  The American Dental Association’s (ADA) Interim Guidance for Minimizing Risk of COVID-19 Transmission provides instructions for what to do before dental care starts, during dental care, and after dental care is provided.  Part of the guidance includes:

  • Conducting an inventory of all available PPE such as:
  • Surgical masks
  • Surgical gowns
  • Surgical gloves
  • Face shields
  • Ensuring that there are “supplies for infection control etiquette,” such as alcohol-based hand rubs, tissues, and no-touch disposal receptacles at all entrances, waiting rooms, and check-in counters
  • Adhering, at a minimum, to Standard Precautions (which include hand hygiene, use of PPE, and respiratory hygiene/etiquette)
  • If available, implementing Transmission-Based Precautions, such as providing respiratory protection (an N95 mask or its equivalent, KN95) for DHCP

The ADA shares that all DHCP should “use the highest level of PPE available when treating patients to reduce the risk of exposure.” When it comes to mask types, they recommend N95 and KN95 masks as providing a low risk (as opposed to the moderate risk that comes from using surgical masks).

This is where we want to help.  We provide delivery within a week and free shipping to all U.S. locations.  We are ready to provide a steady supply of all the PPE recommended by authorities such as the ADA:

  • Respirators and disposable face masks
  • Touch-free thermometers
  • Hand sanitizers
  • Hand wipes
  • Medical gloves
  • Protective eyewear
  • Protective wear, like gowns
  • Additional PPE essentials and cloth masks

We have worked with the FDA to ensure that all our products have the necessary requisite certifications.  In addition, our KN95 industrial-grade respirators are manufactured to EEA standards.  Providing disposable, one-use masks for your staff and clients is one of the best ways to keep everyone safe. Disposable masks cut transmission rates by as much as 99% and ensure that employees start everyday with sterile PPE. 

We take safety seriously and want to ensure that we are doing everything we can to assist the communities around us.  We’ve been in business for nearly 30 years in Los Angeles and have an extensive network of factories now focused on providing protective equipment.  If your office is one of those ready to see patients for non-emergency reasons, let us know how we can help protect you, your staff, and your patients.