[Pack of 105] NIOSH Certified, Alpha Pro Tech N95 Facemasks
[Pack of 105] NIOSH Certified, Alpha Pro Tech N95 Facemasks
[Pack of 105] NIOSH Certified, Alpha Pro Tech N95 Facemasks
[Pack of 105] NIOSH Certified, Alpha Pro Tech N95 Facemasks

[Pack of 105] NIOSH Certified, Alpha Pro Tech N95 Facemasks

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Our premium-quality N95 Alpha pro Tech face masks are NIOSH certified (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health). NIOSH-approved N95 face masks filter 95% airborne particles. Our Alpha Pro Tech N95 mask is commonly used by hospitals, medical facilities & officially approved by the government in the USA.

All CovCare products ship within 2-5 days.

Features of the Alpha Pro Tech N95 Face Mask

The Alpha Pro Tech N95 Mask uses an exclusive Magic Arch/Positive Facial Lock “one size fits all” design. This unique design feature permits the respirator to be a “custom fit” to virtually any face, no matter what shape or size. This allows you to stock only one size for all your needs. This mask is just like the traditional N95 face mask but without the drawbacks of cone and duckbill-style respirators which restrict downward vision and collapse easily when stored.

  1. Face mask with filter. Filters at least 95% of airborne particles.   

  2. Integral Magic Arch - provides a larger breathing chamber with no restriction of downward vision as duckbill or cone masks do.

  3. Material: High-efficiency electrostatic filter cotton & melt-blown non-woven fabric.

  4. One size fits all - Allows total facial closure for “custom fit” on any size face when donned correctly.

  5. No Natural Rubber latex - Comfortable, knit tricot mesh-covered bands do not contain natural rubber latex, eliminating latex allergy concerns.

  6. CE Certified Masks. Our N95 face masks have been manufactured to EEA standards, and are used by hospitals, medical facilities, and health professionals.

  7. Helps prevent diseases and infections such as the coronavirus. One of the best face masks for coronavirus.

  8. Traditional Pleated Design - Saves inventory space, cannot be crushed when stored, as duckbill and cone respirators can, and is easy to carry with you.

You are buying a pack of 105 facemasks, which equals $1.62/piece.

Customer Feedback

We were looking for a supplier for our nursing home facilities because prices had spiked and shipments were unreliable. We talked to Saroj and were able to get what we needed. The masks are good quality and everyone is just happy to have them. 

Jane G.

Trying to figure out how to open up again during COVID with all the new rules. They had masks and gloves which we needed for our staff and everything was delivered quickly so we could open as soon as we were allowed. 

Mike S.

Our normal avenues for purchasing PPE was backed up and out of stock. I received an email from Saroj, and decided to give it a try. Everything is as it says, the supplies are as good as our old company, and we were able to get them quicker. 

Richard M. DDS

Covid-19 Protection

Wash your hands at least 20 seconds.

Use an antiseptic soap.

Wear a face mask.

Avoid crowds.

Clean items that have been touched with disinfectant.